Baptism, Praise and Pie

The annual Pie and Praise Service at Lazy Mountain Bible Church will also include a Baptismal Service. This service is scheduled for Sunday, November 24th at 6:00 p.m. in the church sanctuary.

Baptism is an ordinance that is used for worship. Baptism symbolizes the burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Baptism shows our death to our old lives. Baptism shows our future hope of being raised from the dead. Baptism symbolizes us as trusting in the gospel for our sins. If you would like to be baptized during this service, please contact the church office, (907)745-2611.

Also during this service, you will have the opportunity to share praises and thanksgiving for what God has done for you this year. After the service, there will be a time of fellowship and pies. Please bring pies to share.