Missions at Lazy Mountain Bible Church

How Can I Help Missions?

Pray for your Missionary

Sunday:  Spiritual life  Consistent times of prayer and learning from Scripture.  Meaningful worship and fellowship times.  Fruit of the Spirit.  Victory over Satan.  Commitment to the purpose of their ministry.

Monday:  Ministry  A work of the Holy Spirit in the hearts of non-believers.  Boldness.  Your missionary’s contacts.  Your missionary’s ministry.  Wisdom in the use of time, resources, and energy.

Tuesday:  Family  Strong marriages.  Needs of the Children.  Support from family at home.  An example for believers and unbelievers.

Wednesday:  Relationships  A spirit of cooperation on the team.  Eagerness to submit to and learn from each other.  Lack of friction.  Willingness and wisdom to confront in a loving way.  Accountability.

Thursday:  Place of Service  The political and economic situation.  Growth of the national church in that region.  Visas and continued entrance for missionaries.  Safety for Christian workers.

Friday:  Communication  Diligence in life-long language study.  Friends to help with language and culture.  Willingness talk to people even when language is weak.  Cultural sensitivity to host culture and co-workers.  Communication with family, supporters, and teammates.

Saturday:  Physical needs  Health, safety, medical care.  Emotional stability.  Housing, schooling, transportation.  Contentment in all things.

Missions Links

Below are listed the mission organizations that the Lazy Mountain Bible Church supported missionaries serve under.  Click directly on the name of the organization to go to the homepage for the organization.  Missionaries are listed under their mission organization.  If the individual missionary has an Internet site or blog, their names are linked.  Some of our missionaries have requested that we do not publish their name on the Internet for security reasons.  If that is the case, the missionary’s name(s) are not listed below their missionary organizations name.

CRU Lifelines
Mark & Alicia Lovejoy – Bend, OR

Central Missionary Clearinghouse (Chaplain in the Alaska Prison System)
Chaplain Russ & Laurie Bevan

Alaska Bible College
Frank & Barbara Emrick

Center for Excellence in World Arts
LMBC supports a couple who serves at this training facility.

HeartReach Center
Doug & Marlin Prins

InterAct Ministries
Russ & Freda Arnold (retired) -Palmer,  AK

OMF International
David & Anne Sheahan – Thailand

Solid Rock Bible Camp & Conference Center
Drew & Claire Dickson

Stride Ministries
Dan & Erin Evans – Layton, Utah at Hill AFB

Tanalian Bible Camp/Tanalian Leadership Center
Andrew Rowland
Tisha Van Diest

United World Missions / Center for Intercultural Training
George & Kathy Schultz


Missions Forms

For individuals who wish to apply for Short Term Missions.

Individuals considering Short Term Missions, defined as being one week to two years of service, please read the Short Term Mission Policy and Standards Document.  This is an explanation of the application process for the Lazy Mountain Bible Church Missions Committee.

Short Term Missions Policy and Standards (PDF)

To apply to the Lazy Mountain Bible Church Missions Committee, for consideration for support, please print and complete the Application.  Instructions are on the application for the procedure to submit the application to the Missions Committee.

Short Term Application (PDF)

The following supporting documents complete the Short Term Application.  Please read them carefully, you are asked to indicate your agreement with these policies/documents when you are completing the Short Term Application.

Statement of Faith – Found in the LMBC Constitution (PDF)

LMBC Teaching Position (PDF)

Missions Policy and Practices (A & B – Scriptural Basis for Missions) (PDF)

Membership Covenant – Found in the LMBC Constitution (PDF)


For individuals who wish to apply as a Career Missionary:

Career Missionary Application (PDF)

The following documents are the supporting documents for the Career Missionary Application.  Please read this documents carefully.  You will need to indicate on your application if you are in agreement with these policies of Lazy Mountain Bible Church.

Church Constitution (PDF)

Teaching Position (PDF)

Missions Policy and Practices (PDF)

Membership Covenant (PDF)

For individuals wishing to apply for a College Missionary Scholarship.

The following documents are the supporting documents and application for individuals who are seeking to apply for a college missionary scholarship.  Please read the documents carefully.  The completed application can be mailed to the address on the form, or emailed to the church office, office@lzymtn.com.

Applicant Cover Letter – College Scholarship Application (PDF)

College Scholarship Application (PDF)

Statement of Faith – Found in the LMBC Constitution (PDF)

LMBC Teaching Position (PDF)

LMBC Constitution – LMBC Doctrinal Statement (PDF)