Children’s Ministries

The goal of Lazy Mountain Bible Church’s Children’s ministry for ages 0-10 is to raise children in the knowledge of the Lord, surround them with the love of their church family, and lead them to love their Savior, Jesus Christ. Please stop by the Children’s Ministry desk to receive the most updated information concerning Children’s Ministry or check out the LMBC Children’s Ministry page on Facebook.

Sunday Children’s Ministry Schedule

9:00 a.m. Service

  • Nursery for *0-35 months.
  • There will be Sunday School Classes for ages 3-10.

11:00 a.m. Service

  • Nursery for *0-35 months.
  • Preschool Church for 3 through pre-kindergarten.
  • Children’s Church for kindergarten through 5th grade.

9:00 a.m. Service:

  • Room #12 New Beginnings/Nursery, 0-35 months.
  • Room #7 Sprouts, 30 months up to 3 yo.
  • Room #4 Seedlings, 4 and 5 yo.
  • Room #14 Alders, 6 and 7 yo.
  • Room #16 Willows/Birch, 8 and 9 yo.
  • Room #10 The Grove/Pines, 10 yo.
  • Room #15, Middle School, 11-13 yo.
  • Room #8, Youth Room, 12-19 yo.


11:00 a.m. Service:

  • Room #12 New Beginnings/Nursery, 0-35 months.
  • Room #4 Seedlings, Preschool Church, 3 yo to pre-kindergarten.
  • Room #8 Youth Room, Children’s Church, kindergarten through 5th grade.


Wednesdays Children’s Ministry Schedule

Awana typically meets October through April. Currently there are not enough of volunteers to staff Awana. If you are interested in volunteering in the Awana program, please contact


*All children ages Birth-10 (age as of 8/15/19) need to be registered the first Sunday they attend.

To complete the Children’s Registration form for the 2019-2020 year. Click here for an editable form.
1.) DOWNLOAD the form to your computer and SAVE the form.
2.) OPEN the saved form and complete the form. (The yes/no question is a “x” checkbox.)
3.) SAVE the completed form on your computer.
4.) EMAIL the completed form to

For more information, please contact Hannah Thompson, at