Potter’s Group

POTTER’S GROUP can be a life changing process in your life.  Many live with ingrained habits of thought like: “I’ll never be good enough”, “I can’t forgive myself”; “I am not lovable”; “My sense of worth is very low”; “Why does anger, fear, guilt or shame have so much power in my life?”, “I feel alone and abandoned”.  Many of these feelings are based upon our wounding by others.    Come join us, share your story, learn skills to move forward and grow closer to God and others.

POTTER’S GROUP I (Men and Women in separate groups)

The first four weeks are designed to help each person face the damage that has occurred.  The Second four weeks look at how we are affected by those wounds and how those wounds often affect our relationships with others.  Third, the last four sessions emphasize ways to walk through the process of restoration and healing.

 POTTER’S GROUP II (Women’s Group)

Completing Potters I is a pre-requisite for attending Potter’s II.. A new book helps Potter’s I alumni continue working through their healing journey.

Each group commits to meeting for 12 or 13 sessions.  There is a $25 fee for the book per level.

Click here for an application.

Questions?  Call the church office, 907-745-2611.