Ministry Staff and Leadership

The Senior Pastor and pastoral staff are responsible for running the day-to-day operations of the church. The staff is accountable to the senior pastor, but they carry out their duties as directed by the elder board.

  • The senior pastor is responsible for the ministry of the Word, the administration of the ordinances, and the spiritual care of the members of the church. 

  • The Discipleship Director oversees the Life Group, Men and Women's Ministries of the church.

  • The Youth Ministry Director at Lazy Mountain Bible Church will further the purpose of the church by making disciples among the Middle School and High School youth, both within the families of LMBC and among the un-churched community.

  • The Children's Ministry Director at Lazy Mountain Bible Church will equip a team of lay leaders in order to come alongside parents to see Christ formed in their children.

  • The Worship Director oversees the Worship Ministry at Lazy Mountain Bible Church.

  • The Media Director oversees how we communicate amongst the church body. Ministry operations include the live streaming of our services, media production, and technological operations of the church.

  • The Administrative Assistant provides secretarial services to the Lazy Mountain Bible Church ministry staff, other ministries and LMBC committees as directed; serves as the church receptionist and coordinates the over-all functions of the office staff; and oversees the financial activities of the church.

Elder Board

Left to Right: Al Strawn, Jason Daughtry, Marty Van Diest, *Jamie Peters, *Matt Loudon, *Doug Prins, Dave Kenny, Gary Feaster

*Individual's term has ended.

Not pictured:  Ted Franke, Stewart McDonald, Ross Wise

At Lazy Mountain Bible Church we believe that God has ordained ELDERS to lead the church in fulfilling its mission to make disciples (1 Timothy 5:17 & 1 Peter 5:1-2). The board of elders must consist of a minimum of 5 men, including the senior pastor. Each elder serves a 3-year term and is elected by a 75% vote of the church membership at the annual church business meeting held in January. 


Left to Right: Andy Gudeman, Jeff Venzke, Jason Vink, Mike Cooper, John Murphy, Zach Knittle, Gary Feaster, Christian McHenry

Not Pictured: Brian Lites, Caleb Moyer, Dan Gunderson, David Proehl, Justin Gillespie, Luke Bushatz, Robert Davilla, Tobin Dorman

Lazy Mountain Bible Church Deacons are nominated by the Board of Elders and are elected by an affirmative 75% vote of the church membership during the annual church business meeting in January. The men serve for a three year term. The deacons are responsible for the maintenance of all church properties.