From the Elders

Elder Update

Monthly Elder report / update [November/December 2017]

First of all, I apologize for not getting the November report out. Somehow the time seemed to slip by.

     We have just recently received another resume from a person that would like to apply for Senior Pastor. How many does this make that we have received so far?

 A.) 15    B.)  42    C.)  26

          We appreciate your patience as we wait on the Lord to lead us to the person that he has chosen to be our new Senior Pastor

The nominating committee has been formed and has met several times to seek nominations for the Elder board and for Deacons. They have discussed several people, and are working on a list to present as candidates at the annual meeting.

Speaking of the annual meeting, the date is set for January 21st, 2018 at 6:00 pm. Yes that really is an 8 on the end of the year.

As in the last several years, there will be pre – annual meeting question and answer informational meetings for several weeks prior to the annual meeting. These will be held during first and second services in another room. One of the big items for the annual meeting will be the Constitution revision that was tabled last year. We have had some good input as to some clarification that could be included. These comments will go back to the Constitution Review committee for their input and approval. Please pick up the packet of proposed changes to the Constitution, and be prepared to submit your written questions at one of the informational meetings.

As the Elder board, we try to keep as much information out in the open as what we can. Contact anyone of the Elders with questions or concerns about Church happenings.

Thank you for believing in the folks that you have voted in to lead our Church.

(the answer is – C for the question above.)


The October 2017 Elder Update

Thanks to all of you who continue to fast and pray on the 1st and 15th of each month to our Heavenly Father, asking Him to lead/bring to us our next Senior Pastor.  In the last month we received four additional resumes from some godly men who are interested in the senior position.  We pray over these resumes, discuss them and meet with the man if he happens to be in the area.  You might ask, why is it taking so long to find another senior pastor?  The elders are looking to the Holy Spirit to show us without any question the man of God’s choosing and we have yet to see that man revealed to us.  We are hoping that God will soon bring that man with a shepherd’s heart to LMBC.

In getting ready for the LMBC annual members meeting January 28, 2018 we are working on these items, the elder (need 5 men) and deacon (need 2 men) nominations, the church budget for 2018, and the revised LMBC constitution that Keith Early, Dave Dickson and Gerald DeVilbiss worked on diligently for two years, then submitted the revisions to the elders, who then made some changes after other members gave their input.  We, the elders are prepared to again ask the members of LMBC if they would look over the revised constitution, offer any suggestions of changes to be made (if any) and then vote to accept the revised LMBC constitution.  There was a question at the 2017 annual meeting about the voting process.  After hours of searching all the minutes of membership meetings, minutes of elder meetings and special committees from 1973 to the present, talking with charter members and a former pastor, all revisions to the LMBC church constitution in past history (except the doctrinal statement) were passed by a quorum of 25% or more of all voting members present at that meeting.  See Article VI-Government, Section F – Meetings in the present LMBC constitution.  So, please inform yourself, talk with the elders and cast your vote January 28, 2018.

We the elders are here to serve you the people of LMBC.



September Elder Report

The Elders have met at regular meetings three times since our last monthly update. Each meeting starts with an extended time of prayer. Following prayer, the Elders receive a staff update from Pastor Kenny and once a month we review the church financial reports. In addition, the Elders have invested considerable time and energy on the Senior Pastor search. This includes reviewing resumes, listening to sermons, checking references, developing interview questions and informal meetings with interested individuals. Our desire is for our Heavenly Father to reveal to us a Godly man who has a good shepherd’s heart and a gift of exegetical[1], expository[2] preaching. Incidentally, these were also qualities on the January 10, 2000 “wish list” when the LMBC Elders last began a search for a Senior Pastor.

Also, the Elders are preparing for the 2018 Annual Membership Meeting to be held in January. There are five expiring Elder positions to be filled and two Deacons. In addition, the 2018 General Fund budget must be presented for approval and changes to the Church Constitution considered.

It has been a year since Pastor Dahm’s retirement. During this time of transition our church family has experienced many blessings, as well as suffering much pain and loss. The following verses from the Apostle Paul were written many years ago to the Church at Ephesus to encourage unity and maturity in the body of Christ.

Ephesians 4:1-3 As a prisoner for the Lord, then, I urge you to live a life worthy of the calling you have received. Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love. Make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace.

Your Elders are united and seeking God’s guidance. We continue to ask for your patience and prayer.

[1] Exegesis – Interpretation of a word, passage, etc. especially in the Bible.

[2] Expository – Containing exposition, explanatory.


August Elder Update

Lazy Mountain Bible Church has truly received a Blessing from the Lord with the hiring of the new Worship and Arts Director, Stan McGuire.

Please remember to include Stan and his wife, Jennifer, in your prayer schedule.

With a new staff member, please help them get established with a warm Alaskan greeting and hospitality. Remember we have all been waiting patiently for the Lord’s person to come along for this position. Let’s continue with patience and Love for Stan as he gets accustomed to Alaska and to Lazy Mountain Bible Church.

Senior Pastor Update:

We continue to be able to have some of the folks that have turned in resumes come and speak as guest speakers for us. Thank you to Pastor Kenny for continuing to fill the pulpit with the folks that have been speaking. We have been able to have a nice variety of folks do the speaking for us on Sundays. This should help the Church as a whole to more determine the type and style of a person that will fit at LMBC. The Elders had a lengthy discussion at their last meeting about the folks that we still have resumes on file for. One person has asked to have his name removed from the list, and some of the Elders met with another individual to hear from him. The Elders that met with the person all agreed that the individual has lots of potential, but was not quite ready for a Senior Pastor position. We have solicited a resume from another person that some of the elders met with. Some of the Elders have a time set this week to meet with another person that has turned in a resume as well.

We still have resumes from four people that are interested in the Senior Pastor position. One of the people will be asked to do some more consecutive speaking for us.

P – Patience and Pray for the Pastor position

R – Rejoice in the many Blessings that we all have

A – Always take it to the Lord in Prayer

Y – Yearn to follow Jesus more closely

Remember to allow the Lord to do His Will, not our own.


July Elder Report

The Elders have held three meetings since our last report. Much of our time was focused on finalizing arrangements to bring Stan McGuire to Alaska as a candidate to be considered for the position of Worship and Arts Director. In addition, the Elders continue to evaluate resumes received from individuals expressing interest in the Senior Pastor position. At the June 28 meeting the number of individuals being considered was reduced to six; however since that time we have received two additional resumes. Also, at the June 28 meeting the May financial reports were reviewed. General fund giving continues to be down as compared to last year; however our expenses are also down which has allowed the church to build general fund cash reserves by over $13,000 during 2017.

Most of the Elders and their wives were able to attend a Saturday luncheon at the church on July 1 with Stan McGuire. Also, members of the worship teams were invited and many were able to attend the luncheon to enjoy good fellowship, great food and to meet Stan. Following the church services on July 2, a potluck was held at the church to again enjoy food and fellowship, followed by short introduction and question and answer session with Stan. Later that same afternoon the Elders and staff privately met with Stan at the church. Stan’s wife Jen joined the meeting through Skype. Following nearly two hours of conversation, the following motion was unanimously approved: “To hire Stan McGuire as Worship and Arts Director at an annual salary of $54,000.00, in addition to covering moving expenses up to $10,000 and with a start date of approximately August 1, 2017.”

At the July 12 meeting the Elders received a report from Youth Ministries Director Andy Miller, updating us on activities at The YAK. Andy very recently received a resignation letter from The YAK Director, Jeff Gail. The YAK is now operating under a separate Board of Directors, under the direction of Andy Miller as the board chairman, and that board has already begun the discussion of filling the director position at The YAK.

All Elder meetings start with a time of prayer and conclude with prayer. We are united and excited about the future God has planned for LMBC!


June Elder Board update

So far this month the Elder board has met twice. June 7th was the first meeting this month, as a special meeting with Debbie Kenny, Laurie Buist, and Andy Miller. Debbie and Laurie have worked together for countless hours to revise the protection policy for the Church. Their focus and end goal was to address and implement changes that were in need of taking place in the protection policy in order to make it a stronger document.

The Elder board unanimously supported and approved these changes to be implemented effective immediately.

Andy met with the Elder board afterwards to discuss his plans for ministry for this fall. He has some exciting plans that he presented to us. More to follow soon.

The Worship and Arts committee has a nominee that they wanted to present to the Elder board for further consideration. The committee was in 100% approval with this person after they held a Skype interview. The Elders have decided to fly him and his wife up for further consideration. A Church member has previously worked with this person in the past. (See the back of this flier for the schedule.)

The next meeting for the Elder board is on the 28th. We will be having more discussion about the people that have submitted resumes for the Senior Pastor position. Pastor Kenny has speakers lined up through August 20th. The next time you see or talk to Pastor Kenny, give him a hug or a handshake for all that he has been doing to keep the Church being a Church.

It may appear on the outside as though the Church is having some challenges, but we are truly Blessed to have the staff and volunteers that we do.

Exercise the grace of God, while waiting on His timing for our next Senior pastor.


From the Elders and the Worship and Arts Committee:

The Worship and Arts Committee has interviewed Stanley D. McGuire via a Skype interview and the committee was in 100% approval of him. This nominee was presented to the Elders and the Elders have decided to fly Stan and his wife up for further consideration as the Worship and Arts Director. Unfortunately, Jenni, Stan’s wife, is unable to travel with him due to work responsibilities. Stan will be at Lazy Mountain Bible Church June 30th-July 2nd.

Schedule of events:

Saturday, July 1st:

  • Stan will be meeting with the members of the worship teams and the Worship and Arts committee.
  • The weekly worship team rehearsal will be held and will be led by Stan.

Sunday, July 2nd:

  • Stan will be leading the musical worship during the Sunday worship services.
  • After the 11:00 a.m. worship service, there will be a potluck for all who are interested in meeting and visiting with Stan. Please bring food to share.
  • Following the meal, there will be a time for Stan to share and to entertain questions. Questions will be accepted and presented by a designated moderator for Stan to answer.
  • The Elders and Staff will meet with Stan at approximately 2:30 p.m. for an opportunity to entertain additional questions.
  • When it has been determined that all questions have been sufficiently answered, Stan and the staff will be dismissed. The Elder Board will be called to order for a time of prayer and discussion, with a goal of ending the meeting with a vote to determine if Stan should be hired for the position of Worship and Arts Director.


The May Elder Update

The elders set aside the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month to meet.  Some months, like last month, we had one extra meeting.  In June we are planning to have three meetings also.

The elders continue to pursue the men that have submitted their resumes for the Senior Pastor position.  There are five men who have sent us their information a few months ago that we have been looking at and contacting. Plus, we have just received two new resumes from some other men a few days ago that we are looking at closely.

Pray for us as we continue to seek the Lord and continue to narrow down the candidates to just a few, and then the one.

The Worship and Arts Search committee, (Glenn Moyer-chairman, Bev Earley-secretary, Kyle DeWinter, Ruth Cunningham, Andy Miller and Frankie Emrick) have met twelve times and interviewed three candidates.  It was felt by the committee that two of the candidates did not meet the qualifications. The third candidate was interviewed in depth; he was very qualified, but has since changed his mind about the position and asked that his name be removed.

The Worship and Arts Committee has just received a resume from a new candidate and also a name of another person has come to their attention.

Please pray for these two committees.

Remember the 1st and 15th of each month to fast as much as you can in some area of your life and pray for the needs of Lazy Mountain Bible Church.

In service for the Lord,

Your Elders

The April Elder Update

The Elders and Staff of LMBC will be meeting together on Wednesday, April 26th. The purpose will be to discuss and begin to form a Vision plan concerning the strategic direction for our Church. Please pray for this meeting.


The Worship Director Search Committee has received several resumes and completed a number of interviews with people interested in this ministry position. The committee has also reported the results of the interviews to the Elders for their consideration.


The Elders have received a significant number of resumes for the Senior Pastor position. They have been evaluated to focus on those we feel are best qualified for our church. These men have been contacted personally or by phone to further the selection process. The next step will be for the Elders to futher interview those best qualified to serve as our Shepherd.


Senior Pastor for Preaching, Outreach and Leadership

Lazy Mountain Bible Church is seeking a man of God who loves Jesus, loves people and loves to draw the two together using his skills of preaching, outreach and leadership development. Someone who owns the church motto: “To Know Christ and To Make Him Known.”  The major responsibilities of the Senior Pastor is that of preaching, outreach and leadership.

The skills and strength needed are:

  1. Preaching on Sunday mornings and special services and events,
  2. Skills that help mobilize the church body in outreach to the community and state,
  3. Leadership development of young men (along with their wives where applicable) in developing their leadership skills as the next generation of church and community leaders.

The Senior Pastor of Lazy Mountain Bible Church is ‘to shepherd the flock’ and is primarily involved in the ministry of God’s Word through preaching, teaching, outreach and leadership development as found in Ephesians 4:12-13, II Corinthians 5:18-21, and Matthew 28:18-20. This man is to be a Bible College Graduate, a Masters degree is preferred, and have a minimum of 12 years of experience.

Individuals interested in being considered for this position are asked to submit a resume to the Administrative Pastor, Pastor Dave Kenny, by email at or mail (16005 E Shawn Dr., Palmer, AK 99645).